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Country of origin : Egypt

Available Area:
Saudi Arabia,

Investment Range:

From: 200,000 TO: 400,000

Business Type: franchise Agency


Chef Sarhan Restaurants are characterized by their delicious Eastern flavours that combines both Arabian and Egyptian cuisines and create a new unique mix that makes it one of the most sought-after and adored restaurants in Egypt.

Catering, delivery, and dinning; these 3 words are what define Chef Sarhan restaurant. Since 2004, Chef Sarhan has preserved the highest quality and the tastiest dishes in Egypt. With 7 branches all over Egypt and growing, Chef Sarhan is spreading further with its wide range of delicious cuisine and dishes to suit all occasions.

Chef Sarhan’s aim is to be the first choice in Egyptian restaurant and catering business by making all their customers proud of being part of their success.

They are committed to provide the guests with an excellent experience through providing an integrated catering services, and high value meals with supreme quality that they can experience at home or at Chef Sarhan Restaurants.

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