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We Reviewed 3 Guidelines That Can Improve Your Start-Up. Go Fish!

Date: September 15, 2017


We Reviewed 3 Guidelines That Can Improve Your Start-Up. Go Fish!



Economy is challenging, especially on entrepreneurs, and many startups might- and most probably- face tough hardships; but nothing is impossible in the business world. As many successful business owners and entrepreneurs have made the impossible possible and gained a lot of success and profits, you can make it big too, and learn from their journeys. We’ll show you some guidelines that will help you in that quest.


Let’s get started:


1- Be an adventurer:


according to an article based on a Harvard Business School study on Why most venture backed companies fail, fresh startups often suffer due to several elements, most important of which is the lack of creativity. When it comes to marketing for instance, what first pop up in mind is the most original marketing campaigns that are smart, innovative – and sometimes even shocking and bold. So don’t play it safe, but rather think outside the box. If you are excited about whatever you do, you will be eventually rewarded, which brings us to our second guideline.


2- Make your passion your business:


customers and clients can detect whether you are honest about what you offer, or if you just want to sell and get paid, and this feeling can only be conveyed if you are doing what you love. Whatever your business is, your audience or customers will see and feel your credibility, and your thoughts will pass directly to them if it truly depends on your passion. So trust in your instinct and follow your passion, it will be both innovative and honest and you will always be a winner. Many success business stories depended in their core on passion, and that can tremendously inspire your own business. Steve Jobs, for example, started from being just a guy who dreams of  holding a mobile phone with only one button to the worldly known entrepreneur, businessman, and the CEO of Apple Inc. – one of the most profitable  multinational technology company- and the secret ingredient is: Passion.


3- Careful who you’re talking to:

based on a study done by “CB Insights” on 101 startup data, they came up with 20 Reasons Startups Fail, and it makes sense that one of these top reasons was taking business advice from the wrong people. Taking an advice from a friend in life is something, but needing guidance in business is whole different story. Since business consulting requires a great deal of market and legal experience, taking a wrong advice can mean a direct blow to your business or startup that costs you a lot. Always look for the proper guidance from experts in your line of business, it will save you effort, and later on, money- at the end of the day, you want your business to make a profit, right?