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Having Any Troubles with Your Business? Blame It On These Reasons!

Date: July 16, 2017


Having Any Troubles with Your Business? Blame It On These Reasons!


Whether you own a well-established business or you still fresh to the business world with brand-new startup, it is inevitable to face hardships in the beginning or the middle of the road. It all comes down to how to deal with these hardships and turn it into benefits. On daily basis, entrepreneurs should seek methods to maximize work performance and productivity and avoid -as much as possible- any upcoming troubles with precaution procedures.


While you read these reasons, see if any of it will ring a bell and if you’re guilty of committing any!


Technology … advantage or disadvantage?

We don’t put down our mobiles or devices whether for social and personal reasons, or professional ones, but when do you know if it is a holdback not an aid? In old days, offices had only a computer and a land-line telephone, and guess what, it was enough back then! Businesses could prosper and make day-to-day communications when little technology existed. No one can deny that modern technology also is a big help that connects everyone and everything together, but if you are not careful, it can present mere distraction. Day in day out, technology has stepped in deep, we can never advise you to get rid of your devices all together, but you should at least consider restrain from too much technology.


You should ask yourself a question … is technology a waste of time and distraction instead of being a system to achieve goals efficiently? If the answer is yes, search for the right tools and get the support of an IT partner that will help in organizing all technology-related issues such as emails, apps, and social media and turn the whole situation upside down.


Why so Stubborn?


Stubbornness is listed as one of the top 20 reasons of startup’s failure that can cost you dearly. Headstrong individuals tend not to listen with a very short temper and impatience that causes communication barriers and uncalled for consequences. Go back in time and remember your first job, who manager did you appreciate most? The one who believed in you giving you every support and guidance, or the one who liked giving orders away and just hoped for the results? Some of the most loved and recognized CEOs and managers in the world are the most modest and down-to-earth who in return become role models and mentors for their employees.


In an interview conducted by Harvard Business Review with the legendary businessman Jack Welch, he stated that “Its (company’s) people must have self-confidence and intellectual self-assurance”. In the sense that business owners and managers should surround themselves with a good, efficient, and loyal team and give them confidence rather than monitoring them, and always have the willingness to listen, you never know where a great idea might come from!