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3 Ways for Your Business to Profit in Eid El-Fitr

Date: September 15, 2017


3 Ways for Your Business to Profit in Eid El-Fitr


Directly after the departure of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world and Easterners in general celebrate the joyous occasion of Eid El-Fitr. El Fitr, as the meaning in Arabic suggests, is an Islamic festival that marks the end of a long month of fasting. This means one thing for your business: Holidays. And in this scope, we will examine 3 ways for your business to take advantage of this holiday and actually make a profit.


With Eid’s great significance, Muslims worldwide arrange their vacation around it, with
tendency to travel for tourism and of course family gatherings are highly
encouraged. Which means that it is a great advantage for you to focus on how to
come out of it with much more than you would expect.


So, let’s explore the ways your work can benefit with:


1- Don’t let your guard down:

it’s true that some people prefer to spend the holidays as a time off from work pressures, but many actually think exactly the opposite, which may lead to a rush. If you are a business owner of maybe a hotel, restaurant, cafe, or tourism agency, be prepared and get ready! This times will present a double pressure and if you didn’t plan ahead how to survive, your business might suffer. Making a timed-calendar would be a great idea to save your effort and time and also assigning tasks to employees will make this time goes smoothly. A great “Managing Your Schedule” article can be of a great help to you.



2- Go with the flow:

we can’t stress enough how it is crucial for you to make this occasion work for your advantage. Thus, you can work around the whole concept of family, warmness, and happiness that Eid brings. If your target clients are families and their kids, work on creating a colorful and merry atmosphere that attracts from far and beyond. To know your surroundings is essential for your work just as it is essential to satisfy your customers.


3- Stop looking under your feet

businesses in Ramadan may suffer from employees’ short working hours and less productivity, but in Eid, it is a whole different story. Now that you have a complete day of work and with a pre-made plan as mentioned before, take the opportunity and enhance your marketing strategy. If you spend a little more on advertising, social media, or offers and Eid’s promotions, it will be greatly rewarding in the long run. It sends the message that you care, and that your clients are your no. 1 priority.


At last, don’t forget to spend some quality time yourself and maybe- just maybe- relax from all life’s pressures.