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About Franchisingate

Franchisingate is a franchise and business consultancy firm, providing services for both franchisors/brand-owners and potential investors.
Franchisingate guides the franchisor on how to franchise their brand with the best expansion plan. With endorsing diverse experience from working with different business sectors for over 20 years of experience, Franchisingate’s clients benefit from the trusted gate for franchise and business consulting expertise. Franchisingate also helps the investor to discover all the prospective business opportunities in the market with the proper guidance.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Setting out the very first online portal ( www.franchisingate.com ) for franchising and business opportunities, Franchisingate is the pioneer and the most experienced franchise firm, in Egypt and in the MENA region, aiming to have the most effective impact in such a competitive market.

Franchisingate aims to be the leading online portal,( www.franchisingate.com ), for regional and international franchise and business opportunities, as well as, the informative business gate for seekers to any information related to the franchise industry or the business world.
Franchisingate sustains its own services for both franchisors and investors by bringing the two parties together in a win-win process where they both gain satisfactory benefits and investments.

For Franchisors: Franchisingate facilitates and assists in the transformation, expansion, and penetration of local brands to regional and international markets through franchise sales, franchise marketing or management and franchise audit.

For Investors/Business Seekers: Franchisingate provides the proper guidance and advisory on the decision making process of finding and starting a new business or startup. The process is initiated by identifying the most effective business opportunity within the financial and budget constraints of each investor.

For Potential Franchisable Brands: Franchisingate takes the first steps in determining if the business is franchisable. Then it sets the most beneficial franchising strategy for the potential brands to enter the franchising industry on solid ground.

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Address: Office No. 401- B3 Capital Business Park in Sheikh Zayed City, 26th of July Corridor, Giza, Egypt.


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